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My Flower Stop is your source for all varieties of fresh florals for your DIY Wedding or other occasion. We supply with premium floral products direct from both local and growers from around the world. Some of our varieties include BC-grown green and flowering plants as well florals that encompass a plethora of uses. A unique option we offer to share and split your order between our full service partner while also giving you the option to purchase in bulk for your DIY project. In this way we help maximize the use of your floral budget and support all your needs. Purchase from in-stock items as well as add florals to your wishlist for purchase and pick up on the date. So that, you can choose the exact florals you need!


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Your #1 Floral Stop

Quality, attention to detail and vital industry-knowledge is just a few of the reasons that makes our company a cut above the rest. As florists with years of experience, we know how to cultivate floral products that are second to none! We provide one-stop access to every floral item you need to perfect any occasion or event.


Design your own floral arrangements to satisfy your client base. Our products are available to purchase by-stem to create your own unique masterpiece.

Shop In Bulk

When you're seeking the best wholesale flowers online, My Flower Stop is your go-to resource! Our collection includes riveting florals you won't find anywhere else.

Build A Basket

Make your floral selections and build your own basket here at My Flower Stop.

Floral Supplies

If you're looking to design your own flowers, you'll need premium floral supplies.

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