Orchid, Dendrobium

When it comes to using orchids in wedding floral décor, brides-to-be have much to be excited about. While the Phalaenopsis is the most popular for weddings. There are other types of orchids available such as dendrobium, cymbidium, and cattleya. Each is uniquely beautiful from the next and can be used in just about every floral décor element. From bouquets to ceremonial structures to centerpieces, here are inspiring ideas for using orchid wedding flowers.
Dendrobium Orchids with it’s fluttery, light character, is known as the ‘moth’ orchid. This is a great flower to use in floral décor because it can be styled to express sophistication with a touch of whimsy. A bouquet featuring the flower in crisp white combined with tropical greenery is perfect for a beach wedding. Create an atmosphere of spectacular romance by adorning the tablescape with towering centerpieces featuring a spray of dendrobium orchids with calla lilies. A jawdropping chuppah made of curly willow branches embellished with white dendrobiums and delphiniums creates an enchanted backdrop for saying “I do.”