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About: Aptly named, the blushing bride protea, is ideal for the bride who likes flowers that are classics with a modern twist. These are the types of flowers that will overwhelmingly garner lots of compliments and get asked lots of questions — what type of flower are they? They are so different, where are they from? Blushing bride proteas are from the same family of protea pincushions but differ in that their petals are dainty and softer in appearance. Native to South Africa, blushing bride protea have grown in popularity and are widely used in bridal bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and ceremonial décor. Legend has it that they were given their name because men on their way to propose to their soon to be blushing brides would wear them one in their lapel (or buttonhole) so everyone would know his intentions. Between this cute legend and the soft blush hue of the flower, finding a way to incorporate this bloom into a wedding or bridal celebration is a must.

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