EZVase, Black Swirls 7″x 11″


More about this item: It’s not fragile need not worry such as in glass vase fragile. Collapsible keeps convenience occupy airspace small. It’s sturdy and beautiful, very cute designs, which can make your room feel more comfortable, and bring you good mood. These folding vase come in handy with minimal travel requirements and easy/fast vase creation. They are plastic and they do fold. For you, the usability comes in events / birthday parties. As it’s collapsible and light weight (almost no weight), you can keep it as a backup in case the glass vases you transport break. This vase designed to put cut flowers. you can take it with you because it is unbreakable, collapsible, durable and reusable.


1. Fill the vase with warm water.
2. When you inject water into the vase, it will expand naturally.
3. Hand form the vase into desired shape.
4. Empty the vase.
5. Re fill the vase with cold water.
6. Then you can insert the flowers.


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About: Foldable Collapsible Vase called EZ Vase. Excellent for environments are busy and space is limited and flowers are an important characteristic, solve the problem using Foldable Collapsible Vases. Solutions for busy spaces where children are at play, on exterior and patio restaurant tables where casual casual dining is encouraged, hotel solutions for travelers or hoteliers requesting a vase to display the gift of flowers, for busy hospital rooms where space is limited on small tables and tight quarters.

Add the finished touch in hotel rooms, retail outlets, on office desks, centered on restaurant tables and of course, for every flower giving occasion. Choose your own design style from a perfect selection of colors, sizes and designs. Also ideal for Promotion & Distribution Solutions when you include your business card or a QR Code. Complete your professional image with the beauty of flowers using products that list your business and provide recipients with a useful and functional item.


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