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About: The stems are strong and straight, which means there is rarely a need to stake them when the blooms open. The stems’ average length is 3 to 4 feet, with 3 to 6 flowers per stem.

Blossoms can be up-facing, out-facing, or pendant, and smaller than most other popular lily hybrids, reaching 4-5 inches. As for their color range, it features all warm colors – red, yellow, orange, pink and creamy white. All of them make attractive and long-lasting cut flowers.

Hybrid lilies are a result of genetic crossings between lily species, making newer lily cultivars difficult to classify into conventional groupings. The hybrids are a cross between Oriental and Trumpet lilies. For customers sensitive to strong odors, hybrids may be a better choice as they do not contain the scent as with Oriental lilies.

Available: All Year Round Greenhouse Grown

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