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About: Beautiful Glass Memory Sake Ornament.

The night before I got married, my mom handed me a present and told me to open it the next morning. So as the sun came up on my wedding day (surprise that the bride couldn’t sleep!), I was overcome with emotion as I discovered my life in a box. My mom had gone through our family’s Christmas ornaments and set aside the ones that were meaningful to me – they were mine now for my own family’s tree. I was a puddle as I sat there by myself, looking at all the tiny reminders of moments passed – my first Christmas, ornaments that were gifts from my grandparents, souvenirs from trips, sports figurines, and crafts I had made as a child. Everything I had experienced up until that point in my life was summed up in that box. And now I would take that part of my life forward as I began the next chapter with my new husband…

That was easily the most meaningful gift I have ever received from my parents. It was their way of saying, “This is what we have done for you and with you… now it’s your turn.” I was overwhelmed with gratitude and nostalgia… and I knew right then that I would give the same gift to my own children one day.

That was thirteen years ago. Here I am now with four precious daughters. As we decorated our tree this year, I was (once again) quite emotional. I am a bit of a softie anyhow, but hanging our ornaments always gets to me. Our family’s Christmas tree is not color-coordinated. It doesn’t have the most beautiful or bejeweled ornaments. But it has meaning. And I love that. To me, that’s what Christmas is all about.

Our Christmas tree tells our family’s story. Author Unknown

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