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About: Kale flowers have been seen in almost every florist shop, sold as decorative bunches at most farmer’s markets and included in many a bride’s wedding bouquet. They have even enjoyed some of the social media success experienced by the regular, more edible kale which has been endorsed by celebrities and emblazoned on t-shirts. Surprisingly, ornamental kale plants rarely put out real flowers. Kale’ flowers’ are actually known for their lush heads of ruffled leaves, which make an amazing addition to bouquets. Bold in appearance and often symmetrical, they are usually selected as a focal flower.

A bouquet of kale flowers alone is a simple but stunning arrangement, whilst one or two heads of kale flower surrounded by mixed flowers creates a beautiful variety of textures and sizes. Ornamental kale range in color from deep purple to bright green to soft white, allowing it to be combined with a huge range of colored blooms to fit the theme in mind (especially ideal for weddings!). They are also easy to work with, being much sturdier than a hydrangea or peony.

Note: This version can technically be eaten but is not grown for taste or texture so we don’t recommend it!

Season: October – November

Pack Size: 3

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