Poinsettia, 6″ RED


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About: Poinsettias are probably one of the most colorful plants you can grow indoors, and although we tend to consider them chiefly to be a (perhaps disposable) part of the holiday decor, it’s important to remember that they are alive and need caretaking, just like other houseplants. Poinsettia, pronounced “poyn-set-ee-uh,” or just as commonly, “poyn-set-uh,” is a popular holiday plant, used in particular to decorate during the Christmas season.

You’d probably recognize this winter bloomer, which goes by the scientific name Euphorbia pulcherrima, after just a quick glance – they seem to be just about everywhere during the holidays, after all. their striking color is actually in their leaves, not in their flowers? And only some of their leaves, to be precise.

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