We Sell a Variety

Flowers Affordable for anyone

Inspired by the emerging economy inspired by the Global Pandemic and the distance loved ones sustained over the last two years. My Flower Stop ensures high quality flowers are made available to everyone, for all occasions, every day at prices that are affordable for anyone.  It’s our social responsibility. 

We believe flowers are for EVERYONE, and ANYONE should be exposed to gorgeous, fresh flowers and natural growing plants around their living space. Something as simple as plants and flowers have a positive effect on our mental health. Whether it be in the office, kitchen, or bedroom, being around nature is a health-aid in of itself. Nature can change our mood and ease stress. Flowers can free us from anxiety, depression, and the everyday worries of life. 


We also seek to have a low carbon footprint. We avoid plastic, reuse shipment boxes. 

Embrace your Creativity

For today’s Brides and Event Planners, we support you “Do It Yourself” by embracing your abilities to create beautiful things with flowers and providing you with the same quality of product, professionals enjoy. Did you know you can strip at least 30% of the price from your purchase of fresh flowers and that by ordering just 14 days in advance you can have every beautiful, high-quality bloom available to you in the marketplace. Flowers grown from every continent around the world, to flowers only available from local farmers from BC alone. We support you to share your creativity with others and make your dreams reality. Whether for your own event or that of another, we know DIY’ing is a popular option. We support you in this by providing premium flowers at a price anyone can afford.

You can DIY when you Shop in Bulk like the Professionals do.


If you’re looking for high-end flowers, variety, and affordable prices or virtually wholesale, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re asking yourself “Where can I find the kind of flowers I see in the flower shops of Vancouver Island, and of the professionals?” the answer is www.myflowerstop.ca. 


We have a large selection of sought-after flowers and floral supplies that are typical only for professionals. The flowers we offer you are cared for in an environment that only a florist or wholesaler can provide. My Flower Stop flowers are handled as little as possible between being cut by the farm and presented to you. 


They have not been handled in an assembly line or tossed together for a loose display. They come direct from growers who carefully treat and nurse their flowers until they are at peak condition to be received by the professionals who then do all the cleaning and preparation for retail sale. These are NOT the flowers that you will see in the supermarket. We have a selection of both BC Grown and Imported flowers from Ecuador, Holland, California, and other places around the word. 


In bulk you can get flowers that include garden roses calla lilies, hydrangea, ranunculus, sunflowers, bird of paradise, ornamental kale, tropical leaves, chrysanthemums, gerbera daisies, and all kinds of fancy greens just to name a few. We also offer professional grade tools and supplies to help in your craft. When you order your wholesale flowers online with My Flower Stop, within 14 days you will receive fresh and beautiful flowers nearly direct from the farm.  


There is no better place to go then My Flower Stop! 

At least 50 farms are greenhouse growing in BC alone. 

My Flower Stop has a valuable local resource for supplying fresh beautiful flowers locally. At least 50 farms are growing in BC alone. There are 100’s of greenhouse growers, distributors and importers dealing with cut flowers, potted or bedding plants, and cut greens across Canada. 

Tropical flowers bring more to floriculture: more color, more fragrance, more size more diversity; blossoms often hearty, waxy, shiny or blossoms that are fuzzy and leathery, farmed in tolerant conditions and in temperatures from near freezing up to triple digits. Hard to find and difficult to import. Imported from South America, Holland, Columbia, and USA. Tropical plants –we love them and when we can get them, we do. 

Greens are Essential Every day and in Every Display.


Someone Once said, “The Variety of life is seen through the foliage of the world.” Green is a color that surrounds us every time we go outside. Green has always been one of the symbols of nature and is one of the new beginnings as well. It rarely gets the attention that it truly deserves, especially when you are decorating with flowers. The color of green represents harmony, unity, new life, healing, and balance. It balances color while adding a halo effect to arrangements and the variety of greens available to us is endless. Never underestimate the value of your greens. 

The Garden of Eden was Plants.


Unlike other consumer trends, like those in fashion and beauty, the cultivation and care of houseplants has benefits that far outweigh the likes we might accumulate on social media. It’s a two-way street. As we tend to plants, we cultivate that sense of responsibility, a joy we feel just being around plants. As they thrive, we thrive. It’s called Plant Parenthood.

Dried Flowers own their reputation for durability, but also their 100% natural product identity. Nowadays there is a growing interest in hand-crafted, natural, and rustic décor as well as a growing interest in essential oils that are derived from dried herbs, petals and plants, a main ingredient for producing whole body products and aromatherapies. 

If you want to give a truly original gift, you can choose from available gift items in our shop and if we don’t have it, speak to a sales rep. If we can buy it for you to add to your gift basket, we will. Then leave the rest to us.  To start your customer order, follow these steps.


Shop to your heart’s content. Just select the items you want to include in your gift basket, add them to your cart and choose your delivery date. If you request a personal shopper, someone will be in touch with you within by the end of the next business day.  


Keep in mind that it takes up to 3 business days to hand package each gift order before we can ship. If you are looking for a personal shopper item, depending on the complexity, this will take some additional time. 


Speak to a sales rep today. Call Us Button.


If you want to create a truly original gift, you can build your custom basket from scratch. Just tell us exactly what you’d like included and we’ll cover the rest.

Give Us the Tools and We Will Finnish the Job.

Winston Churchill said, “Give us the tools and we will finish the job.” Don’t know where to start, using professional supplies and tools? There are many to choose from and this can be overwhelming. But we are here to help. Not only are we introducing you to new tools and supplies we are here to offer you workshops that will teach you to identify the basic ways to create some truly exquisite design work. We want to help you jump-start your floral creations and make you feel what it’s like to create like the professionals!

Go big or go home with big bouquets by My Flower Stop! Make the Impression with only one kind of flower. Wrapped in paper and a bow, ready for your table. 

Not a floral expert? No worries. Get some creative guidance at one of our Wine & Design Classes. With a little practice a picture-perfect DIY bouquet is totally doable; not to mention, the process is a lot of fun! We will provide you with all the flowers and elements you’ll need to create your own. 


Or let us provide a private workshop for just you and your committed designers. We will talk you through some basic do’s and don’ts while giving you some great tips on how to pimp up your prosecco bottles. Let this be part of your event planning experience. 

Come – explore this wonderful world, make new friends, and let your creative juices flow.