Return/Refund Policy

I understand I am able to contact My Flower Stop Customer Service within 24 hours of delivery or pickup to report any issues with my order such as damaged flowers, major color discrepancies, or missing bunches. I understand My Flower Stop will not reimburse the cost of flowers we purchase on your own from another source and will only refund or replace their own flowers, and only when a claim is made on an official Claims Form within the first 24 hours of delivery, accompanied with pictures. At its discretion, My Flower Stop will respond in one of three ways: 1) provide flower care instruction, 2) issue a refund or 3) ship replacement product. I agree to return the product to My Flower Stop before my refund is issued. My Flower Stop requires customers do all communication by email as voicemails will not be heard by the right department. Claims, and help must be requested by sending an email to Emails are ready during business hours only from 10:00AM – 5:00PM Tuesday – Saturday. I understand that no flowers can be thrown away until My Flower Stop authorizes it and that all efforts must be made to avoid loss. We are absolutely committed to total customer satisfaction from the moment you enter our website to the point at which you receive your flowers. However, there are factors for which are beyond our control that may affect the total order process including shipping company politics and processes, extreme weather, total supply chain etc. There are many people involved in the process, but we will work as quickly as possible to find a solution for any unintentional disruptions to the process. Claims submitted after the event, or without sending photos will be refused. No exceptions. I understand that there are no refunds for shipping costs, delivery fees, or services rendered as part of receiving my order and that if requesting refund, it is my responsibility to return the product unused, in its original packaging.

Please read our Terms of Service for details.